Uploading Files Using Windows Explorer FTP

Upload a File or Folder

This tutorial explains how to upload and delete a file or folder using FTP. Internet Explorer 7 will used for this tutorial.

 Uploading information via FTP

a. Before connecting with FTP, open the folder containing the information you wish to upload. (e.g. the files to upload folder containing the test.zip file in the picture below)


b. Connect via FTP and open the folder you want the files placed in. (e.g. uploaded files folder in the picture below) 


c. You should now have two windows open on your screen. One will show the files on your computer and the other will be where the files are going.  Drag and drop the file(s) from your computer (e.g. the files to be uploaded folder in the above picture) to the destination folder (e.g. the uploaded files folder in the picture above). This will upload the files from your computer to the uploaded files folder inside your web site folder. Transfer completion time will vary depending on internet connect speed and the size of the file(s) being uploaded.


Note: If you are uploading content for your website, it must go within the web folder. Anything outside of the web folder will not be accessible by the website.

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