Connecting via FTP to Your Site Using Adobe Contribute

Connecting via FTP to Your Site Using Adobe Contribute

This tutorial will instruct you on the procedure of connecting to your website via File Transfer Protocol, or FTP is it is most commonly known using Adobe Contribute CS5.  This process is similar for previous versions of Adobe Contribute including CS3 and CS4.

  1. Open Adobe Contribute.
  2. In the getting started window, click Create New Website Connection.

  3. This will open a new connection wizard.  If you have a connection key, double-click it to automatically set up the connection.  Otherwise, click Next.

  4. Enter the domain name of your website in the text field as shown in the example below.

  5. Select FTP from the dropdown menu.  Enter or in the FTP Server field.  Be sure to replace with you website's domain.  Enter the FTP username and password provided in your Welcome Package as well.  Click Next.

  6. If you're company uses SubVersion you will need to configure this page as well.  Most users should simply click Next.

  7. Enter your full name and email address and click Next.

  8. Click Done and you may begin editing your website.  If you are connecting to an existing Contribute site you will be prompted to configure access roles.

Article ID: 9, Created On: 6/7/2011, Modified: 6/7/2011